Sunday, September 9, 2007

Xbox Live Paintball Session

The Beginning
First I would like to say thanks to Aaron and MK-47 for organizing this session. It is one of those events that I won't forget in my lifetime. The participants of the event is as below:

pic from left to right: h1RoNo8u(me), Huss Wuss, tifosi's friend, quaker MY, tifosi, Syujisy, Roland-san, fariz49, XP750 and the crouching 1 is MK-47. (Cameraman = zeliant) in total of 11 participants. lets not forget the FFK people: Harklis, Jaylike7

The sessions was suppose to start with a drive from Gamer's Hideout(point of gathering) in Cineleisure Damansara at 11.00pm but as Malaysian time suggested there was a 1 hour delay. After all have gathered we took off with 4 cars. Roland's BMW 5 Series, quaker MY's Citroen, XP 750's Toyota Avanza and MK-47's Truck(don't remember the brand). Our destination is Mudtrekker which is located in Kluang outskirts. We arrived around 1 pm and we got ready to shoot each other with the markers(paintball guns is called a marker) that all of us rented from the joint other than MK-47 who has his own "custom" made marker that he brought it on his own with a red dot sight.

Getting Ready
pic: zeliant with MK-47's marker


pics: Mudtrekker terrains (Obstacle, Urban, Jungle)

Before I talked about the match, I would like to explain about the objective of Mudtrekker's battlefield is elimination or get the flag at the middle of the field and plant the flag at the type at the same spot and let it stand for a minute to win the game.

I didn't remember much as it was a chaos in the battlefield
MK will always be on the less personnel team as he was an experienced player. Got headshot twice in all 4 games we played. One is from MK-47's marker and one was when we were playing with an unknown people. The unknown people was so "kiasu" we refuse to play with them a second time. For example, zeliant who claimed to hit them like once or twice but them being so "kiasu" and unsportsmanship, they didn't leave the field and kept shooting. During their second approach we rejected their request for another match. We had fun playing with each other and in our last match, my team won with me in prone position going from a cover over a mound to a cover and then I managed to fix the flag on the tyre without getting shot because most of us are out of bullets anyways. With that comes with all the mud on my pants as well and the bad thing is I forget to bring extra pants and have to be careful in Roland-san's BMW 5 Series.

The End

In the end all of us go back with a smile in our face and a hole in our pockets. Yes the paintball session accumulated up to about RM100 for the extra bullets and the starter kit as well.

All the photos above are thanks to zeliant and his slick Nokia N95.....

oh and another funny thing is:
pic: The illegal immigrant car that is driven by XP750 and bare in mind its still under P license~

Thursday, September 6, 2007

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft or most commonly known as WoW. WoW has actually changed the style and gameplay of Modern MMORPGs(Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). They were the pioneers of the next generation MMORPGs during the launch of their game around 23rd November 2004. It has sparked a world phenomenon and has about 100k Subscribers in just the 1st day and it is just the beginning of a better things to come for Blizzard Entertainment(Developer) and World of Warcraft. They have revolutionized MMORPG by adding new elements like quests, soulbound items, battlegrounds, talents, and many others which make the game unique of its kind and easy to level.

The World of Warcraft MMORPG is centered around the world of Azeroth and set in the time 4 years after another epic classic, Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. The world of Azeroth has become a world of its own quite like Middle Earth of J.R.R. Tolkiens Lord of the Rings Series with its own history and lore. There is a brief 5 chapters of history in the World of Warcraft website for further in depth knowledge. During my journey into WoW, I was almost online 16 hours a day, sometimes even slept when waiting for the queue into Battlegrounds. That is how I am addicted to it during my Melbourne days. Below is what happened during my journey into the World of Warcraft.

I wasn't really that picky in my character so I started a Night Elf Druid because of their ability of being a hybrid instead of just one style of play. Joining the Alliance side is not really my choice because my friend in Australia has already started and they are on the Alliance side of the server called Durotan. It took me about 20+ playing days to reach the max level of 60 and from there onwards I joined a guild called The Highborne. They were nice bunch of people but like any other guilds, internal affairs is one thing that is unavoidable. We downed Ragnaros the first time during my stay in The Highborne which is a great achievement but . After I found out that I am able to join my friends guild which is the HoEs or House of Exeunt I am lost to whether join my friends or stay in this guild because I don't really wanna lose my friends over here at The Highborne. In the end I switched over to HoE to join my friends guild and suprisingly they are a lot more friendly people who are mostly on the casual side of gaming therefore not a high level of contribution is needed. After a few months joining HoE I got a problem with my living in Melbourne as stated in my last post therefore decided to stop playing because my friend and I decided the dedication is too much and effects our living.

Track Record
Name: Felynia
Race: Night Elf
Class: Druid, Restoration
Server: Durotan
Achievements: Molten Core Completed
Ragnaros Eliminated
Onyxia Eliminated
Black Wing Lair, Killed All Except Nefarius
Ahn-Qiraj 40, 2nd Boss

Name: Aerwynn
Race: Human
Class: Warrior, Arms
Server: Durotan
Achievements: PvP Knight-Lieutenant

"World of Warcraft" Opening

"World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade" Opening

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Starting This Blog With A Bang


Hi. Ya'll, let me start this blog with a bang by introducing myself.

My name is Hironobu Ouyou. As you can see its Japanese so am I Japanese? The answer is NO. Its actually my Chinese name which in Japanese is called Kanji. By translating Kanji, I somehow found the word in hiragana for my Chinese name. So well its kind of my name as well, just not in my birth certificate.

As you can see with the title of my blog I am more involved in games then ever. Well video games of course! They make the flowers in my garden bloom with their creativity and beauty. Consoles and PC gaming occupies most of my life. I have decided to start this blog to tell me more about myself and also the ups and downs of my life to remind me of myself and record of my life from this day forward.

I made into this world thanks to both of my parents caring and love in Penang. Now I am living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have been living here ever since I moved here in 1990. Studying at both SRK and SMK Damansara Utama for my Primary and Secondary studies. After that I went to Japan for a student exchange program organized by AFS(American Field Service). I stayed there from March 2003 till February 2004 and attended Tamana High School during my period there. I take this opportunity to wish my host family, the Nakayamas still healthy and prosperous and also Thanks for the care they have shown me during my stay in Kumamoto, Japan.

After that, I came back to Malaysia with knowledge of Japanese language and culture and started my college life in Taylor's College from March 2004 till June 2005. Finishing my studies in Taylor's College, I have decided my life was about cars without further evaluation and pursue this interest by heading to Melbourne, Australia to study in Automotive Engineering in RMIT(Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). During my stay in Melbourne I have met a couple of new friends and also lost some. World of Warcraft or WoW is also part of my life and it occupy most of my daily lifes during my stay in Melbourne. Not to mention the weekends that I spend partying in clubs around Melbourne city. That is why during my first semester there, I was struggling to cope with the independant life there and within just the summer(Feb 2006, Australia), I came back to Malaysia with the help of my father's guidance and advice because of my failure to withstand the pressure (Independance, Peers and Study) while I am in Melbourne

I was telling myself not to fail this time and so I started working in a Gaming Sales shop while waiting for the Lim Kok Wing University intake on July 2006. I have chosen Lim Kok Wing University not just because it is well known but also having a friend there is more conforting as well even though we are pursuing a different line of discipline. A year passed and The Foundation in Design flew through me with a breeze even though there were barriers along the way. This year July 2007, I have started my Degree in Animation course for about a month now and found it very pleasing. I have been doing my assignments and all of that with ease. Therefore, by reaching this date the story ends for now and back to my involvement in gaming.


I was always pulled to games before I went to Melbourne. In Japan I bought an Xbox console and before that I have both PS and PS2 and has played almost every game to come out on both consoles(most of all being copy games or pirated games). Even though I am addicted to World of Warcraft during the period where I was in Melbourne, I have stopped WoWing because my friend has as well. I have reduced my addiction on games, even PC during my period in mid 2006 - mid 2007 Malaysia but I have since been hooked to Xbox 360 console ever since I bought it in May 30 2007 during my semester holiday period which was introduced by my old high school ex-classmate. The games that comes out for the 360 are great including titles such as the ever powerful Gears of War, Forza Motorsports 2, Guitar Hero 2 and Halo 3 which is coming out in 25th September 2007. And with a tight allowance and not working at the moment, buying games are purely evaluation dependable as of the price of every game is at a staggering RM160 and above each game depending on the package. This is because with the Xbox Live system, any console that is detected for modifications and fraud or even playing copy games(harshly its pirated games) are banned from the system which is the most attractive and fun experience of the Xbox 360 console which increased my support towards original products.

That should be all for today as I will evaluate more on the games that I have been playing when I have time and I hope any reader has enjoyed the brief history of me and my life and the start of more interesting things yet to come in my life. Thanks to all you readers out there from now till the future for taking your time in reading my blog.

Thank You.